Emilia Mårtensson is an award-winning London-based vocalist originally from Sweden. Her gently expressive voice and highly personal compositions are firmly rooted within the folklore and countryside of her native southern Sweden, You can hear her Swedish heritage clearly, carved like an ancient rune, in the haunting and ethereal tones of her voice, in the dark melancholy of her storytelling and in the intimate, nocturnal hush of her timeless confessionals. Allied with the jazz musician’s effortless sense of timing and expression, it’s enough to make Mårtensson a very special voice indeed.

Emilia has built a well-deserved reputation as one of the most exciting vocalists on the UK Jazz scene and she was awarded ‘Vocalist of the Year-2016′ at The Parliamentary Jazz Awards. She has led ensembles that have performed worldwide, including major Jazz Festivals such as The Rochester Jazz Festival in New York, Ljubljana Jazz Festival in Slovenia, London Jazz Festival, and Umeå Jazz Festival in Sweden to name a few.