Owing to the seriousness of  Covid 19, we have reluctantly taken the step of postponing the Ambleside Days festival until  the same date next year: Thursday 2nd Sept to 5th Sept, 2021, for 4 days, in the hope that many of the musicians will be available

We realise that in some cases this will not be possible. 

We are looking at the possibility of hosting some one night special concerts later this year when life, hopefully, returns to some kind of normality 

Zeffirellis is a small venue with 160 seats in a confined space, and Covid 19 will be with us until we find a vaccine or the government engages in mass testing and tracking, which looks like some way off.

I hope you can support this great festival and we are truly saddened that it will not be going ahead this year.

With the best of wishes Derek